Anyone can work with the intuitive and modern Etugate Cloud. It is accessible from any device connected to the internet - your mobile, PC or tablet. But even if the internet is down, the system has local back up that will keep things working.

Features that you will like:

  • Managing access rights
    Assign different rights for students, staff or externals using a gym.
  • Present people overview
    Always see how many people are inside the building, always online and updated.
  • Notifications
    Deliver trigger-based notification once someone enters or leaves. Can be sent even to parents and teachers.
  • Remote lock control
    Do you need to let the postman or a visitor in? Just do it with your phone.
  • Automated data sync
    All records can be synced via API to another software.
  • Further analysis
    Analyze records, create reports and optimize security processes.

Making work easier and simplifying administration is the goal of our product team. We always keep the end users of the system in mind when developing and modifying features, and we work to ensure that as much as possible happens automatically based on preset rules that are set at the beginning.

Automation can take care of:

  • adding new people into access right groups
  • remove people that have left the school
  • adding new ISIC/ITIC/AliveID cards once they are issued
  • blocking lost cards
  • monitoring of people that are in the school
  • sending out notifications once someone does or does not enter the school

Our priorities are simplicity and a smooth data flow. That's why we strongly support intergration with other related software such as:

  • Bakaláři
  • Škola Online
  • Edookit
  • EduPage
  • NCDB

We can either source data from other software or even provide data to other software for further analysis.

A wide range of identifiers can be used for authorization. For maximum simplification, we recommend using ISIC/ITIC cards, which are an absolute standard. We are the only ones with a direct connection to the issuer of ISIC cards, thanks to which you can unprecedentedly save the time necessary to maintain an updated database of identifiers.

With regard to advancing digitization and environmental protection, we are introducing the possibility of identification using mobile phones. It will therefore not be necessary for every user to carry a plastic card or chip. For those cases where it is necessary, it will still be possible to use chip key fobs or cards. These might be useful, for example, for visitors, external workers, or gym users.

All identifiers used in the Etugate cloud use secure communication protected against cloning.

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